Strawberry Faith

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I love strawberries. I love the taste of strawberries. I love the look of the plants; and I love how easy it is to grow them! One of the ways Jesus speaks about faith is using the ideas of seeds or plants. Jesus talks about wheat, mustard seeds, fruit trees, vines, and weeds. As we have been following Jesus’ example of how to share the faith with those around us, In July we will follow the example by looking towards plants as inspiration. What if we had strawberry faith? Join us in July as we discuss how a strawberry nor only produces fruit but also spreads through a garden as an example of how we can produce good works and spread the good news of Jesus.

July 3rd - To Produce Fruit, We Must First Be Planted- Luke 10:1-11

July 10th - Running for Jesus!- Luke 10:27-37

July 17th - 7- Where Did That Plant Come From?- Luke 10:38-42, Colossians 1:3-12

July 24th - VBS Celebration Sunday!