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And Be Thankful

Colossians 3:15

What if you could live by that one short sentence? And be thankful. Sure there are many other important scriptures that reveal the nature of God and inspire our faith; yet what if you were able to honestly say that the short sentence described your life? And be thankful. Sure there are many different things we can do to have a positive influence on your family, friends, and community; yet what if your relationship and interactions with the community reflected that short sentence? And be thankful. Sure there are many different accomplishments that you can achieve; yet what if your greatest accomplishment was achieving that short sentence? And be thankful.

So how do you give thanks? I don’t mean how do you cook your turkey (bake, fry, smoke). How do you take a moment either out loud or in silent thought to recognize blessings, friendships, family and necessities (food, shelter, clothing) that you have? Research has shown that the key to happiness is not the amount of things you have rather it is how grateful you are for what you do have. As we approach Thanksgiving, a day set aside for us to give thanks, I encourage you to take a moment to consider how that one short sentence can be true for you. Take 5 minutes each day to give thanks for the necessities you have, the extra blessings you can enjoy, the friends you cherish and the family you love.

Pastor Ryan Lynch

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