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Give Thanks for Turkeys!

Are you a turkey? A turkey is a funny bird. It is not graceful nor flies majestically nor runs very fast. They also seem to do silly things. I have been stopped on a road with the car horn blaring while a flock of turkeys meandered across the road. When one thinks of turkey the first things that come to mind are Thanksgiving and “gobble”. Not the most flattering description a person can be given, unless your Benjamin Franklin. While it is a myth that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as the national bird, he did prefer it to the eagle. He saw the eagle as a coward and a bully because it attacks and steals from smaller birds. The turkey, on the other hand, while little vain and silly was a courageous bird who would defend the flock.

While I don’t know if Benjamin Franklin’s assessment of the two birds is accurate, I believe that Jesus would like turkeys because Jesus called a bunch of turkeys to be his disciples! They were not the most qualified nor most dignified. When they spoke it wasn’t elegant or enlightened. They also struggled to follow Jesus’ commands and their greatest highlight was at a dinner. Yet, these turkeys who were a little vain and silly at times courageously spread the ministry of Jesus. After initial running away they returned with the communion meal as a central piece of their faith.

As you enjoy your thanksgiving meal, I invite you to give thanks for the turkeys in your life. I invite you to give thanks for love and friendship extended to you even though you maybe a turkey. Thanksgiving is about turkeys and I give thanks that Jesus calls, forgives and loves us even when we are turkeys.

Pastor Ryan Lynch

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