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Lent Spiritual Practices: Holy Remembering

With Easter this Sunday our time in Lent is almost to an end. The last spiritual practice I invite you to consider is the practice of holy remembering. Tonight we will be remembering the last supper where Jesus instituted communion. In fact, we will be triple remembering because we will remember the Last Supper which took place during the Passover meal which is a meal to remember God delivering the Jewish people from slavery which God does so because God remembers his covenant with them (Exodus 2:24). For the Jewish faith, the Passover meal is more than a meal and more than a worship service. It is intentional spiritual remembering of who God is and what God has done. This holy remembering teaches the history of the people and helps communicate the identity of who they are to God. They are God’s people whom God remembers so they will remember who God is and remember how to live as God’s people. It is a spiritual practice of holy remembering.

As Christians we also have our times of holy remembering we call Holy Week. We remember Jesus entering into Jerusalem. We remember the Last Supper. We remember Good Friday and the cross and sacrifice of Jesus. We remember Easter morning that the tomb was empty and by the power of God’s love our Savior conquered sin and death. In the next four days we have an opportunity to remember who God is and what God has done. We will have the opportunity to remember our history and the identity of who we are to God. We are people who receive the grace, forgiveness and love of God whom through Jesus and revelation of the Holy Spirit are received as redeemed and adopted children of God. Here are some ways you can remember:

Attend one of our services this week:

  • Maunday Thursday- April 18th 7pm

  • Good Friday- April 19th 7pm

  • Easter Morning Services- April 21st 8:30am and 11am

Take time at a family meal to share an Easter memory and what does Easter mean to you

Read the story again in scripture. You can read the whole story or parts

  • Mark 14:12-16:8

  • Matthew 26:17-28:10

  • Luke 22:7-24:12

  • John 13:1-20:18

Take a moment of silent prayer each day to say “I remember who you are Jesus and what you did for me.”

How will you remember who God, Jesus and the Spirit are to you? How will you remember to live as a redeemed and loved follower of Jesus? I invite you to take time in the next few days to practice Holy Remembering.

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