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Accomplishing Something Worthwhile

By: Royal Owens

Why do I do what I do at AUMC? The church sets goals. Goals that help get the message of God out to others around us. In order for the church to reach their goals, everyone needs to help. Since there is so much to be done, AUMC relies on everyone in the church body to help so the message of God gets out to others.

I help because it makes me feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile. I know that I am a part of getting God’s message out to others in our community.

Also, through my helping, I get to know others. I enjoy the association with the others who are helping.

Why do I do what I do? To get to know others at AUMC, know that I have accomplished something worthwhile, and most of all to be used by God to get His message out to others.

Royal Owens

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