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Benefits of Scouting - Many and Time Tested

By: Tony Durano

In the past, most of our youth used to spend time getting out of doors and experiencing nature. Today, all of society is spending too many hours inside and in front of a screen. That needs to be reversed.

Scouting allows the youth of today opportunities to learn about nature first hand, while also building their leaderships skills. It allows our youth to learn how to work as a team in many settings and also as an individual to help build their self-confidence.

Scouting began in 1910 and the benefits of Scouting are and have been time tested. In addition, many of our country’s leaders were involved in Scouting as youth and have gone on to many notable achievements in their chosen careers.

So, take time to learn more about Scouting and the benefit it provides, your child will be glad you did!

Thank you,

Tony Durano

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