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Care for One Another

By: Leslie Plunk

When asked why I do what I do, it required a lot of thinking and self-evaluation!

Let's see - it all started with the quilting group. And I do that because I love this hobby, the fellowship of the other quilters and the mission gifts we can provide from our efforts.

As I became more acquainted and integrated into the life of the church and the many jobs required for it to function, I was asked to be on the Finance Committee. I became a part of the Finance Committee because I felt it was important to understand how our church functions.

Next I became a part of the Monday morning counting team which is made up of a great group of ladies. The counting team is a part of our finance process that gives me a better understanding to see it from the "income" and the "where it has gone." I see the plans and results of the gifts to our church, and have a better understanding of what it takes to provide for our ministry.

Lastly, I am now the teacher of our Sunday School class. At first I must admit I was reluctant to take this on. However, I really do enjoy it and the small group we have. I find it is a great way to learn more about my faith. Plus I learn from the classmates and the relationship we develop from the study and sharing together. We have a small group and would welcome others to share with us.

I almost forgot, I sing in the choir. I do this because I discovered as a child and through the years, when given a chance to sing, that I enjoy it. I still enjoy it, even when the voice got deeper and slipped from alto to tenor.

I feel it is important to participate in the work of my church, to be a part of the church family, and that we as a church have a mission to care for one another.

Leslie Plunk

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