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The Importance of Advent and Christmas Music

By: Justin Petersen

Will we have room for Jesus to stay when he comes or will He find too much clutter? Advent, the first season of the Christian year, is a great time to clear all of our spiritual and emotional clutter. Doing so will allow us to fling open the door upon his arrival and freely let go, surrendering all control to Jesus.

Advent music, in my opinion, contains some of the most beautifully written melodies. Pair gorgeous melodies with meaningful text about the coming of Christ, our trek to Bethlehem to meet the Christ Child, and you have pure magic.

Connecting to Christ through music is a common must-have in most Christian lives; therefore, Advent music allows one to prepare for the birth of Jesus in a very connected spiritual and emotional way. So, during this Advent season, let us make room and make way for the notable, amazing, selfless, sacrificing, all-knowing Jesus.

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas,

Justin Petersen

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